ACTC Is Biotech’s Next Top Super Model

Image by: School of Natural Resources
By Steven Morrison II

Biotech stocks are tricky business. Company fortunes live and die on products that are many times mere speculations in science. You never know which way the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) wind is going to blow. You could suddenly be in Kansas with a tree chasing you down the street.

Biotech investments can quickly turn into bloodbaths. But battle-weary bio-investors know this. It is the nature of the beast, really. Crush or be crushed.

Recent Supreme Court activity over stem cell use – that ended in the industry’s favor – is just but one example of a single event having life or death consequences for Biotech interests (and patients too). Further emphasis that picking bio-winners and bio-losers can be bio-tricky.

But I see a bright shining star on the horizon. One such Biotech firm that is exciting as a long-term investment is Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC).

The Eyes Have It

ACTC is big into the eye business, in particular macular degeneration. They have trials and products in the pipeline to treat the estimated 30 million-plus patients waiting to be served across the globe.

It is not all roses and caviar, however. There is some trepidation that ACTC doesn’t have a pipeline for money for expensive clinical trials. There is also potential for the company to go down the reverse split road leaving expensive litigation as a result.

But these fears do not outweigh the potential upside.