9 Awesome Office & Cubicle Health Hacks

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Image by: tpsdave
By Robert Spencer

Working a desk job can be unhealthy. If you’re constantly sitting and staring at a computer, there are a plethora of different health conditions that could cause you pain and lend you susceptible to more diseases. Check out these office hacks to help keep you healthy while you’re at work.

#1) Standing Room Only

When you sit, your body and mind begin to foster more “lazy” and unhealthy activities and thoughts. In other words, if you sit for long periods of time while you’re working, you’re more likely to be a couch potato when you get home. That’s why it’s a good idea to get up and move around more when you’re at work. Consider sitting on an exercise ball or getting a standing desk.

However, buying a standing desk for work can get pretty pricey so if you’re handy with a hammer, try to build your own. You can get some great ideas here on Bob Villa’s website.

If you don’t like the idea of *just* having a standing desk, make one that is adjustable. You can even have two workstations if you have the room: a desk with a chair and a tabletop that’s bolded to the wall at the right height. Just remember that the height (while you’re standing) should be tall enough so that your forearms can rest on the desk with no problem – the tabletop should be just under elbow height.

#2) Bring Your Dog to Work

The benefits of having a pet don’t have to be strictly associated with your home. If your furry friend is housebroken and pretty tame around strangers, consider bringing him to work. Of course, you’ll have to check with your work policies but if they allow it, bringing in your pet could really do your office (or wherever you work) wonders. It can boost morale, provide stress relief and management, and can help with your stress level.

#3) Go Green — Literally

Being friendly with the earth is great. Doing environmentally friendly things can help you (and your company) save money, resources, and will make you feel better about working there. However, I’m not actually talking about that.

What I mean, is that you should consider bringing in a plant of some sort. While actual ferns and plants can help you with coughs, headaches, dry throats, and other physical ailments, they offer mental relief as well. If you’re not into actual, living plants, even silk plants do wonders at brightening up your office, and will also help you with your stress and fatigue level.

#4) Pack a Lunch…and Snacks

Packing a lunch will help you save money (no more fast food and vending machine lunches), help you control your portions and what types of nutrients go into your system.

You have to pay attention to grazing as well. If you pack your snacks, you’ll find that you’re eating less calories every day because you won’t be feeding the vending machines all of your change. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to bring carrot sticks to work every day. Small indulges are good for morale and for you. Just make sure that you’re keeping it in check.

#5) Wash Your Hands

I love flying. Planes are fantastic. The feeling of flying through the air, when the plane takes off and when it lands. However, the one thing that I despise about flying is the same thing that I hate about working at an office: recycled air. When people are sick or get sick, you’re in such close proximity to them and their germs that you can’t help but get sick. So wash your hands often and consider investing in a small air purifier that you can keep in your office.

#6) Get a Glare Filter

When I spend long hours staring at a computer screen, my eyes start to see double and I get headaches. I’m sure that if you have the same type of job (sitting at a desk, staring at a computer all day), you get the same afflictions. Getting a glare screen has really helped with the headaches. I also pay attention to how bright it is in the room and how bright my screen is in comparison.

#7) Park in the Back

Picking a further parking spot will make small change in your activity level but it is still a change. Just those extra few steps a day can help you reap the benefits of walking.

In addition to this, why not try to go to a bathroom on a different floor and get up every couple hours to walk to the water cooler or just take a stroll around the office. The stretch will do you good, help keep you focused, and will add to your physical activity for the day.

#8) Exercise on Your Way Home

Right after work, all you want to do is relax. Believe me, I know the feeling. So if you tell yourself that you’ll hit the gym after you go home and change out of your suit, know that it’s probably not going to happen. So instead of lying to yourself, just try to hit the gym for a half an hour or so before you head home.

#9) Full Spectrum Lamps

If you don’t have an office with a view (or a window), the lack of sunlight in your office or cubicle may be causing your body more distress than you know. A full spectrum lamp emulates sunshine which will help boost your mood and ease eye strain.

Now it’s your turn. How do you alleviate headaches while at work? Are you allowed to bring a pet into work? Does your office have an aquarium? Do you find that full spectrum lamps work?