6 Simple & Effective Ways to Lure In New Customers to Your Website

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Image by: Amit Agarwal
By: Giovanni Fields

So you spent the long grueling hours constructing your website and nursing it to life…? That’s great! But the problem is your site is probably as desolate as a stoplight in an abandoned city. It may be frustrating at first having little or no traffic to monitor, but you’ll soon find that there are a multitude of ways in which you can get your website its much deserved attention.

The main issue, though, for most entrepreneurs, is patience. Most likely you have invested a large sum of both time and money into your idea, and are looking to hurry and receive a return. If that is the case then you might want to do some exercises that get you in the habit of waiting, because in order to build a steady, remunerative website, patience and consistency are the two biggest keys to success.

If you do happen to take my advice and execute some patience exercises, then as long as you engage with whatever customers you may get over a long period of time then word will inevitably spread of how wonderful your site is (assuming it is wonderful, of course), and after a few months you may find that desolate stoplight flickering a dim green. So if you’re wondering as to how you can start the process of reeling in the consumers, then here are a few ways you can do so.

 #1) YouTube

Ever thought about making a video or two explaining what your product is, why it exists and how it works? No? Well, no wonder you have no traffic! YouTube is one of the largest (if not the largest) search engines online and should be used to your marketing advantage to reach out to a wider audience. Although I’m pretty sure most people reading this article are cognizant of how this site works, some of you may not be aware of how effective it may really be.

There is little you can do to interact more with a stranger than to make a video for them, and by doing this you will not only be exposing your brand, but also developing your communication skills. There’s no reason someone who’s serious about their business can’t sacrifice 5 or ten minutes out of each week to post a video.

#2) Social Networks

Social networks, people. They are the cornerstone of any and all businesses. If you aren’t consistent on Tumblr, Pinterest or Twitter then you might as well be non-existent. These sites are being used by anybody and everybody because they are extremely helpful in helping you increase your exposure.

#3) Blog

Blogging, if done correctly, can be very rewarding for your website for both advertising your product and interacting directly with the consumer. Like social media, this is also a great tool to utilize when proceeding with your marketing strategy. By publishing high quality posts on a consistent bases, you’ll essentially build a relationship with your readers, resulting in regular visitors who may even metamorphose into regular customers–depending on how good your content it, of course.

#4) Comment on Other Sites

I’m pretty sure many of you bloggers out there have received those ridiculously annoying spam comments that inaccurately reflect the content of your latest blog posts. Who are these people? Their dedicated entrepreneurs that’s who they are! By leaving comments on hundreds of blogs and websites, they are increasing the chances of people seeing their page, clicking on their site and purchasing a product.

Although tedious, if you’re looking for a primitive, cheap and great way to garner some exposure, then leaving valuable comments on other blogs can be a great way to redirect the internet population back to your site. The trick here is to make it seem like it’s a genuine comment, rather then just leaving “Great Post” or “Looking forward to more.” Make the blogger feel special, and perhaps he or she will return the favor.

#5) Social Sharing

Most people wouldn’t consider taking the time out of their busy days to help you promote your product by taking initiative and sharing your content on their own, and that’s precisely why social sharing exist. By equipping your blog with this, you will make it easy for your site to accumulate more visitors from social networking sites by adding this feature.

#6) Create Quality Content

Now, while it may be great to use social media, YouTube and the ‘comment spamming’ method mentioned above to market your site, it’s important not to lose site of what’s really important: Creating quality content. You can be the best social media marketer in the world, but if you’re directing the masses to a sub par website with little to no inventiveness, then you might as well be wasting your time. Content always get first priority, and when you put the blood sweat and tears into building great content, it may even market itself.

Unless you’re lucky enough to become an overnight success, we’ve all got to start off at the bottom of the food-chain. Have you successfully managed to crawl to the top courtesy of the amazing content on your site? Don’t hold back any advice, share your secrets with the world!