5 Ways Paul Walker Taught Me to Be More of a Badass

Image by: Tim Evanson
By Loki Robinson

The tragic news that Paul Walker had suddenly passed away has sent shockwaves through the film world and for all of those he touched. The outpouring of support shown for him has been overwhelming.

We want to honor him here by showcasing how he taught us in his movies to be more confident, better with the ladies and overall, better men. He’s known mostly for his roles in the Fast and Furious series.

It seemed like he was always on the hunt for a female in this series. Remember in the first movie, when he would go to the sandwich place where Dom’s sister worked and he’d try and talk to her every day?

Lesson #1: Chase Her, but Don’t Scare Her Away

Paul was persistent, he went everyday regardless of which of Dom’s crewmembers threatened him. Paul showed his resolve even in the face of danger, and I’m sure Mia liked it. Persistence is paramount men, never give up!! This is critical in surviving the multitude of shit tests women will throw at you. If you fail any of those, you’re finished.

So prepare your mind as you approach a women; you must have an ironclad defense system ready to deflect any comment. Remember, women are not logical creatures when in the sex/dating realm. Turn off your logical mind for this encounter, and take it from Paul, be smooth, and never show your fear.

Lesson #2: Keep Your Poise

In every scene where Paul needs to make a high pressure decision, he always did it with poise. If Dom was the vocal leader of the crew, Paul was certainly the quiet leader. This doesn’t make him any less of a leader though. It works to a team’s advantage when you have complementing personalities at work.

Could you imagine 2 Dom’s in the same group of friends? Yikes! It’d be an arm wrestle or macho argument every 5 seconds. Paul kept his equanimity in any situation, and that just added to his leadership qualities, likeability and strength. People love people who can remain poised, because most cannot.

Most don’t have the emotional intelligence to know when to turn it in to high gear and get angry, or sit back and let a situation unfold. There’s a time and place for both. Calmly thinking in the face of danger is certainly a valuable skill, and one that takes much practice.

Lesson #3: Smile

The guy had a magnetic smile. As a man, I respect his openness and his charm. When he smiled, you knew it came from pure joy, no faking there. Some men just don’t know how to smile without looking cheesy. Maybe it’s because they’re fighting something on the inside? It’s possible.

Paul’s relaxed nature always brought about his great smile, and his fans loved him for it. Don’t try and force a smile, just try to relax more often and have fun – the smile will come naturally.

Lesson #4: Take Risks

This one might be controversial, since Paul lost his life while in a Porsche going way too fast. Now, you might say that if Paul was a lot more cautious, he would still be alive today. But if he were a hyper cautious person, would he ever have been in the Fast and Furious series?

I don’t know how similar Paul was in real life to his character in the movie, but learning that he did like to drive fast makes me think that it was probably a close match. And I’m not saying that, wow; he was in a really popular movie series so he should risk his life to have that happen… No, what I’m saying is that he lived his life with vigor, and when one does that, risks are bound to appear.

Driving like a maniac down a regular street is not one of these risks, but a man must choose to live a life of genuine risk-taking, or risk aversion.

Lesson #5: Have Confidence for No Reason

Lastly, this one pays tribute to Paul’s confidence. Yes, he was considered an attractive man, which does give him some reason to be confident. But in the attraction game, looks don’t mean as much as most men think. Being confident, for the sake of being confident, is such an enigma to women it’s magnetic.

And not just women, but other guys flock to confident men because it is such a mystery. They think that some of the confidence will wipe off onto them. But men, listen up, confidence comes from inside, from realizing that there is no reason NOT to be confident. Regardless of age, physical appearance, your bank account, etc.

Be confident no matter what, and watch the magic unfold!