5 Power Accessories For Your Wardrobe

Image by: Nic McPhee
By Phillip K. Issa

Clothes make the man. Accessories make the man into something spectacular. Whether you are rocking a custom tailored suit or stylish casual wear, the right accessories send signals to everyone you meet.

What kind of a man are you? Oh, he’s wearing gators, he’s a bad ass.

Or you can go the other way with it – if the accessories are just plain awful, they can ruin whatever good thing you had going, wardrobe-wise, before you decided to showboat that ugly shell necklace you got at the beach last summer. We get it. You went to the beach once. Let it go.

Here are five power accessories that, if chosen well, can put you in the driver’s seat in any situation.

1 – The Power Watch

Nothing says ‘I’m a successful son of a bitch’ like a jewel-encrusted Rolex. It’s pretty “baller” for sure. The way it blinds people when the sun hits it just right, the way it costs as much as a used Cadillac. But that was 2004, guy. Grab Michael J. Fox, jump in the DeLorean, and get down with the twenty-tens.

Watch trends have changed, mister. These days it is more about the elite design, epic style and top-shelf make, and less about the flashy bling bling (unless you are into hip-hop, of course). The watch is the centerpiece of your accessory ensemble, so pick wisely gents. Note: Pocket watches are always cool.

2 – The Power Ring

One ring. That’s all you get per hand, so make it count. More than one ring on a hand and you start to look a little too Sammy Davis. And babe, you don’t want to be Sammy, you want to be Frank. And when it comes time for someone to kiss that ring-a-ding, you don’t want them cradling your hand and asking, “which one?”

The Power Ring should be bold but not gaudy. It should be original or exclusive, something not easily pulled off the shelf. And, for the love of god, it should not be emblazoned with sports insignias of any kind – unless, of course, you won the Super Bowl or some other big-time sports championship. In that case, by all means flash it, stud.

3 – The Power Boots

Cowboy boots with suits. Yeah, not everyone is a fan. But when you see a man wearing them, you immediately think that he’s in charge because there’s no one who can tell him that they can’t wear them.

Exotic skin cowboy boots are really a must here, something like cobra, crocodile or monkey. Something shocking. Boots like these exude power, kick down doors and send stern messages to hippie animal rights people.  I want a very cool dead animal on my foot. And that’s something that only a man of power can do.

4 – The Power Sunglasses

So many iconic movie and TV characters sport shades. You should do the same. It takes time to find the right pair. You could end up trying on hundreds of pairs. And do yourself a favor and buy a pair made by one of the top-shelf brands. Contrary to what ZZ Top says, those cheap sunglasses are not cool.

And why do they continue to call a single set of sunglasses a pair? Is anybody buying just one sunglass?

5 – The Power Handbag?

OK, here’s where it gets tricky – those European-style handbags are functional as hell, yet not universally loved or respected. You know, the whole ‘man purse’ thing. How to get around that? Technology. That’s right, the laptop bag is your friend even if you don’t put a laptop in it.

Why? Because they look like laptop bags and not like little purses with a zipper pull tab instead of a strap (talking to you, handbag). Laptop bags are like soft briefcases, so they instantly shout “man business coming through, this is not a purse.”

Get yourself a fine leather number with bold handles and an optional shoulder strap, pack it full of all of your essentials, and no one will ever call it your man purse.