5 Incredibly Tasty Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

Image by: mathiasbaert
By Jake Bradshaw

Everyone knows that juicing is one of the easiest ways you can supply yourself with the daily vitamins and other nutrients you need, but something most men fail to see is that by combining certain kinds of compounds, we will be able to control our metabolism much more than we’ve been able to in the past.

It’s not just about building muscle anymore. If you want to see real results, a proper education on foods that trigger fat loss is crucial. The most ironic thing about it all is that most of these foods can be found in every fridge in America, even yours!

One of the biggest things we need to look at is cruciferous vegetables. These veggies interrupt our hormone chemicals which lead to better digestion, detoxification, blood sugar control, inflammation reduction, and body fat reduction.

These veggies include: cauliflower, broccoli, kale, radish, collards greens, and brussels sprouts.

Apples are another secret ingredient to weight loss, cancer prevention, and some say even Alzheimer’s. By combining the ideas of these compounds together, you will create effective drinks that will take you down a few belt notches in just a couple weeks.

#1) Green Compounds

2 green apples (or pears)
4 stalks of organic celery
1 cucumber
1 thumb of ginger
6 leaf kale
1/2 of a lemon
1 tsp. of cinnamon

A recent study in Brazil found that people eating three apples or pears a day lost more weight while dieting than other people. Kale is also beneficial because it provides a huge amount of nutrients with virtually no calories. Not only does this combination promote weight loss, but it also has shown to help calm your nerves as well.

#2) Fiber Boost (best when blended)

2 apples (or pears)
1 avocado
3 stalks of celery
handful of grapes (around 15 – 20)
1 lime
2 cups spinach
2 carrots

These nutrients are great for your digestive system which ultimately allows you to lose weight at a faster rate. Apples themselves are a natural laxative, and when mixed with carrots/spinach, not only will it completely detox you, but it will clear up your intestines, finally get rid of that infamous beer gut.

#3) Power Lemonade

2 apples (any kind)
1 cucumber
4 leaf kale
2 lemons
2 cups of spinach

Lemons have been shown to increase weight loss and when added to the powerful compounds of apples and kale, results are almost instant. Not to mention, lemons and apples both show to lower cholesterol, while the fiber content in spinach cleans out your intestines by removing accumulated wastes within the digestive tracts.

#4) Easy Breezy 

2 apples
1 stalk broccoli
4 carrots

The DIM (diindolymethane) and I3C (indole-3-carbinol) found in apples, broccoli and carrots will give you more strength, and this strength also powers up your digestive track, not to mention make your insides squeaky clean in the process.

#5) The “Secret” Formula

2 apples
1/2 cucumber
1 lime
5 cups of spinach

Spinach and cucumbers are a magical combination. The laxative qualities act like a magnet for fat, sending it straight out within an hour of consumption. Their sweet taste is great with anything, making it a great choice when combining other types of additions.