5 Business & E-Commerce Tips You Can Learn from Goldbely

philly cheese steak
Image by: kino-glaz
By Robert Spencer

Move over Domino’s. There’s a new food delivery service on the market these days and they’re not letting anyone get in their way. Goldbely is a California-based online marketplace that will deliver food to your doorstep, no matter where you live. So, what’s so innovative about that?

Well, their ingenious design stems from America’s many regional tastes and our love of them. Yup, you read that right. No matter where you live, they will connect you with foods from restaurants from across the country.

Craving some authentic Southern food? If you go to Goldbely’s website, you can order boiled crawfish straight from the Louisiana Crawfish Company. You can get authentic deep dish pizza straight from Chicago, coffee from Oregon, and BBQ ribs from Texas. These guys are changing the way that we’re seeing regional food.

What business and e-commerce tips can we learn from the Goldbely team?

#1) Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your goals. Clearly define your company’s financial and personal goals. Where do you want your company to go? Dream big, don’t just think inside the box.

Goldbely’s goal is to find every fantastic restaurant in America and share it with people from across the country. They’re not afraid to think big. In fact, that is how they got into the position that they’re in right now. Their ingenious idea may have started off as a “what if” but they’ve developed it into a full-fledged explosion of fantastic food.

They’ve tapped into an ever-growing market. With the number of military families that relocate and miss the taste of home, new start-up restaurants that specialize in something and are looking for their big breaks, or the number of iconic restaurants in the nooks and crannies of America, Goldbely will continue to grow in terms of clients and customers.

#2) Quality-Assurance

If you are selling a product online, you have to make sure that it is the best product that you can offer. Every company, no matter how big or small, goes through a learning process. “This merchandiser doesn’t make quality products. This merchandiser is too expensive and will drive our prices up.” You have to do the research to find the best product to sell to your customers.

Part of their success comes from their passion for food, which comes through on their website (and that passion is contagious). That comes in handy considering the fact that all of the food on their website has gone through a taste test from the Goldbely team. Taste-testing all of that wonderful food? Yes, and they are hiring, by the way.

The food comes frozen (dry ice to the rescue) and usually precooked (depending on what you get). There are heating and serving instructions that come in every box. The food is frozen no longer than 72 hours after you press the order button on their website and will arrive at your door in a week or less.

Depending on what you order, there may be a few hours’ worth of prep and cooking involved but, come on. They’re authentic BBQ ribs from Texas. What? You want me to feed it to you too?

#3) Aim High

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and look up some big names to lend you a hand. If you ask smaller names to be investors, you may be more likely to get them, but you may still be limited in the help that you get. Don’t be afraid of your ideas. If you know that you have a gold mine, pitch it to the big boys.

These guys literally started out from their basement. In fact, in a recent TechCrunch profile video, we are toured through their facility, which is the home of one of CEO and founder, Joel Ariel and the other staff. Yes, they all live together in a home in sunny San Francisco. They all live and work out of the same home.

Yet, these guys just got 3 million dollar in seed funding from Intel Capital. Not only that but their growing list of superstar investors include

“Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, Dave McClure’s 500 Startups & Tim Draper, [and] Reddit Co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.”

#4) Give Clients Unique Opportunities

Not only do they offer their customers unique and wonderful products from across the country, they are giving their clients (the restaurants) unique opportunities as well. Goldbely is expanding their clients’ customer base from the restaurant’s county and region to all 3.794 million square miles of America.

Goldbely wants to help those mom and pop shops make a name for themselves. Some of those companies just don’t know how to market online and that’s where Goldbely comes in. Besides, since each of the products that they sell are quality tested and assured, it is a guarantee that if you are listed on their website, it is a gold stamp of approval.

Also, they are always open to suggestions. You know that suggestion box that you keep in the storefront – the one that you ignore. Well, Goldbely loves to use theirs. CTO Trevor Stow says that they get new clients (restaurants and merchants) by customer and staff recommendations. That is a fantastic relationship with their customers and merchants.

#5) Web Design

Their website is incredibly user-friendly: large friendly fonts, drop-down menus kept to a minimum, pictures of delicious food, etc. Whoever their photographer is needs a gold medal because all of the pictures of their products are crisp. Just one visit to their website and you’ll be wiping drool off of your computer screen.

Their website has personality and caters (haha) to their target market without being overly flashy, which can distract from the products and the links.

Every time you visit their website, you will find something new. Even if they haven’t actually put anything new on their website, you are guaranteed to find a new product because they have so much to offer.

So does this all work? Well, Goldbely’s numbers game is so raw that in the first four months of business, not only did they bring in repeat customers but they also brought in $100,000. Since this is its first official year of business, and they are getting major publicity with TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and NBC profile interviews. You can check out those interviews on their tumblr page.