5 Booming Industries For A Startup in 2013

Image by: Themeplus
By Victor Averin

There are many industries and markets to be on the lookout for huge growth in 2013. Here are five of some of the fastest growing industries available for your startup:

#1) Social Network Games

Farmville is the number one social network game, and the industry itself has a five year annual growth rate of 184%, and the 2013 predicted growth is 32%. Why is game development for social networks a booming industry? The massive growth of mobile users, now up to 184 million, means that more people will be spending time on social media.

Gaming is a popular activity for entertainment among mobile social media users. After all, you can’t be online without encountering it, especially on our mobiles, which mostly revolve around social media communication. You might also enjoy and have fun while designing and creating a game, that’s a win-win.

#2) Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

A significant number of VDRs have emerged over the past five years. The five year growth rate is about 16%, and the predicted growth in 2013 is also 16%. As businesses move online, the demand for secure virtual data rooms will continue growing so that online businesses can view important and confidential documents safely. The industry’s revenue is currently worth $628 million with an approximate 2,678 employment count.

Your VDR service can provide to many business clients a secure document sharing and storage solution for mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, bankruptcies, and other useful applications such as licensing, company restructurings, real estate and intellectual property rights.

#3) Online Shoe Sales

With about the same growth rates as VDRs, online shoe sales are growing rapidly. Everyone is more comfortable buying clothes and apparel online thanks to Amazon. Zappos is leading shoe sales online with the help of social media, in a two month period they herded 85,000 visitors to their website through facebook activity alone, from December 2012 to the end of January 2013.

If your startup revolves around selling a wide range of products or styles and variations of a single product, your best bet is to understand the business models of Zappos and Amazon. Clearly, they’re doing something right.

#4) Information Technologies (IT)

With a predicted 9% growth in 2013, and a 5 year annual growth at 10%, information technology is on the rise because high profile companies like Zappos have been upgrading their security systems. As technology grows the demand for security expertise will grow along side.

According to one study digitization and the demand for IT has boosted world economic output by US $193 billion over the past two years and created 6 million jobs during that period.

Numerous trends have also been growing in IT within the past two years and are continuing to grow in 2013: as an IT expert you may provide solutions to incorporating smartphones into companies’ infrastructure, helping small business adopt ‘the cloud,’ and recover IT devastation from natural disasters.

#5) Travel Agencies

Competitors are expected to increase in the travel industry because of online agencies that are bringing new opportunities for sellers of sophisticated vacation packages. The expected growth for 2013 is 6%.

According to eMarketer, two thirds of all US internet users will research travel online. And around 50 million US individuals will research travel on their smartphones and tablets in 2013, accounting for 40% of all digital travel researchers.

Costs are actually very low for you to start an online travel website. You can even start one under 100 bucks. Then all you have to do is generate enough traffic, sellers, and travelers.