Feeling Empty Lately? Powerful Antidotes to Help Motivate You & Bring Some Joy Back Into Your Life

Sadness may just be a state of mind, but it sure does takes a lot of mental work and energy to get out of it. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to condition yourself to stay away from bad feelings and loneliness, you just can’t find enough strength to fight back and overcome your miseries.

When my ex-GF cheated on me, I thought it was the end of the world for me. Since I already planned my future with her, it was really hard for me to let go and move on. I didn’t have a plan B because everything in me – my mind, my body, my soul – was telling me that she was the one.

For years, I was lost. I was just drifting without direction and without purpose. Until one day, perhaps out of boredom, I just decided to go trekking with my friends. That one adventure made me realize that I still have a life to live. It made me open my eyes to the existence of many beautiful things. It also offered me a venue to release the negative energy in me and breathe in some fresh air.

Today, I would like to help you in formulating your own antidote to sadness and boredom and bring more joy in your life.


You feel empty because you are neglecting yourself – your passion, your health, your inner peace. No matter how many tons of work you have to do or urgent matters you have to attend to, never forget to make time for your well-being.

Try to meditate at least 2 minutes a day to give your mind a rest from stress, to eliminate negative thoughts and worries, and initiate self-healing.

And to help you come up with other quick fixes to feel less anxious, Dr. Ellen Vora shares these simple practices that can calm your mind and body.

• Keep your blood sugar stable.
• Caffeine withdrawal can make you more resilient to stress.
• Breathing exercises can put your body into the relaxation response.

I find #2 really challenging because I used to drink coffee at least twice a day. And though it was giving me headaches and a lot of sleepless nights, the taste was so addictive that I couldn’t let go. Until I had a migraine attack for 3 days and from then on, I decided to go on a healthier diet. With conscious effort and determination, I was able to lessen my coffee intake to at least once a week.


Many people are miserable and unhappy because they focus on the things that they don’t have and they always compare themselves to others. And if you’re thinking the same way as those people, you might want to ask yourself what you could possibly gain from doing so. There’s nothing.

In fact, you’re just creating problems and pummeling your self-esteem to the ground.

Try to look at life with more appreciation. Be thankful for everything that you have, your experiences, knowledge, strengths, people who bring you joy and for the gift of hope every waking day.

In the piece “Proven Truths About Finding Happiness,” Dr. Melanie Greenberg mentions the importance of practicing gratitude every day.

Deliberately seeking out positivity and exerting consistent effort to include certain actions into your daily life such as appreciating the sight of a morning sunrise or paying attention to little beautiful details like the soft paws of your pet can improve your mood, health, mindset and overall well-being.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” It is about creating something out of nothing, about having the courage to go out there and make mistakes and about letting your imagination run wild to satisfy the yearnings of your soul.

Your inventiveness adds spice to your life. It offers you an escape from boredom and a chance to be extraordinary and unique. And no, you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. Regardless if you’re not born with a voice like Adam Levine, or dance moves like Mick Jagger or painting skills like Picasso, you can still tap into your creative side and come up with ideas that breed satisfaction.

For example, instead of touting a negative attitude for doing a job that you don’t enjoy, consider starting your own business. Being your own boss allows you to create a culture or environment of your own liking – something that includes some fun, happy, supportive, and positive people.

It’s either you find joy as an employee or be happy as a leader of your own pack. There’s no in between. And no matter what your decision is, you can always use your creativity to add more enjoyment to your professional life.


Maintaining good relationships in your life allows you to be happier, healthier and live longer. This is why you have to be a little choosy or careful with the choice of people that you deal with or keep in your circle.

Being surrounded by negative people can make you feel sick and frustrated thus increasing your risk of having heart problems and infections. Also, these emotional vampires don’t just suck energy out of you, they also suck your youth, making you age faster than normal.

Writer Amy Johnson suggests looking for these “Types of Friends That Are Worth Spending Time With.”

I don’t know about you but I prefer surrounding myself with crazy ones. I never get bored being with them as we always come up with new adventures and fun things to do.