4 Pieces of Tech News that Could Shake the Stock Market

Image by: tec_estromberg
By Dexter Lunde

If you have invested in the stock market, it’s smart to keep up with the latest news and trends concerning those stocks. After all, the stock market is a finicky “place” and it’s always fluctuating depending on the latest good and/or bad news in that field.

A lot of guys are investing in technology right now. It’s a smart idea considering the fact that technology is always on the rise. However, it’s hard to keep up with the latest tech news because, well, it’s so advanced that it’s constantly changing. However, let me hit on a few news trends that are hitting the ever evolving, revolving door that is tech news, to help you to maintain a good stock portfolio.

#1) Pirates Gone Viral

Have you heard of “Popcorn Time”? While this particular business probably won’t have much for legal stocks, it could have some dastardly effects on stocks like Netflix and other streaming movie sites. It works the same way as torrenting in a video except, instead of downloading a video and watching it on your media player, Popcorn Time does all of that itself. All you have to do is click the big red button that says, “Watch Now.” Handy, huh?

Popcorn Time is an app that you can download to most devices (that don’t start with a lowercase “i” or any other Apple product), that will stream new and old movies alike. Completely for free. What is this magic? It’s called piracy and it’s taking the movie world by its family jewels.

However, just as the great big guy giveth, the great big guy taketh away. As you read this, Popcorn Time’s host was pulled for, ahem, “violating terms of service”. So the developers are looking for a new host. Users can still use the installer by decentralizing it and torrenting the movies, but that just takes all the fun out of piracy, doesn’t it? Arrr…

So what does this mean for the stock market? Watch your Netflix stock as well as any other stock that you have in that market. Popcorn Time has shaken up the field of online streaming.

#2) Tech Travel Stocks

The travel tech industry is getting a lot of backing this year. Despite the convenience that Kayak, Expedia, and other booking sites offer their users, Capital investors are focusing on other companies in the travel tech market.

The travel tech industry has been focusing more on accessibility. Travelers are getting the same convenience from them as they are from sites like Kayak: the ability to book their plane as well as their lodging, transportation as soon as they land, and various experiences while at their destination. Except now they can do all of that from their mobile devices.

Companies like Hotel Urbano, AirBnB, and HouseTrip.com are making that possible. We use our mobile devices for everything, after all, why shouldn’t travel be a part of that.

The travel industry seemed to lag after the flying scares that followed 9/11 (and it makes sense), but the industry has slowly been building itself back up. With the latest news about the changes in plane technology and comfort, TSA news, and now the development of more travel tech options, the industry is continuing to change and evolve.

#3) Apple and Yahoo Troubles

Last month’s quarterly results were rough for Apple and Yahoo. For one, Apple’s investors were expecting a much higher sales figure than what they saw last month. Did you see the nearly $40 billion in damages? Yahoo has been seeing a decline for some time now. People are pointing to its apparent weakness, which is its mobile abilities (or lack thereof).

#4) Stock Trading News

If you work with an e-trader or an e-trader site, you know that there is a small fee per transaction. Well, Robin Hood is looking to change that. And no, I’m not talking about the tights-wearing guy with the bow & arrow, and the pointy hat.

Robin Hood is a new app which allows you to trade and track your stocks without the fee. Yes, this baby is free. “What? They let you trade stocks without a commission?” Yep, believe it or not, they actually make money when they move yours around and you don’t have to lose any money in the transactions. Well, unless your stock does anyway.

The app itself is useful, user-friendly, and easy on the eyes. The background can be changed from black to white and allows you to see (at a glance) how your stocks are doing by going green or red depending on how the stock (that you’re viewing) is currently doing.

Like I said earlier, it is important to research your stocks on a different level than just watching it’s numbers (or colors) change. That can be easily done on your desktop, laptop, tablet, TV, or the newspaper (remember those). However, Robin Hood makes it easy to check up on your stocks during the day: while you’re on the elevator or on the pot, for example). It’s called multi-tasking or (as my wife likes to call it), being efficient.