4 Natural Ways to Safely Give Your Sex Drive a Boost

Image by: Juliana Rosen
By George Lamb

Growing up you’ve probably observed countless commercials regarding impotency issues from companies like viagra, extenze and cialis. Yea, in the moment while watching such commercials, you may be muttering under your breath: that guy will never be me, but unfortunately, once reality hits its an entirely different story. Impotency may not exclusively be accredited to old age, but can also be caused by the foods you eat, your state of mind and even how much sleep you are or aren’t getting.

The amounts of testosterone circulating throughout your body also plays a key role in how your body performs when called upon in that heated moment. And believe it or not nearly 13.8 million men suffer from low testosterone, and a majority of those numbers are men in their 30’s. Yea, that means this could be you and you’re not even realizing it.

And to top of the effect low testosterone has on the sex drive, may also increase a man’s chance of death. This was suggested by a study that tracked 800 men for 50 years and showed that the group with lower amounts of testosterone had a 33% greater chance of death from various causes than the group with larger amounts of testosterone.

Death is a scary thing, people, and so is impotency, so if you want to stave off these curses for as long as possible, check in on these natural ways to boost your testosterone.

#1) Exercise

Exercising will not only do well to help raise your level of testosterone in a natural and efficient way, but will also help you improve your self-image, which in turn will raise confidence. Confidence in your ability in the bedroom will go a long way to dictate how you perform, and if you workout regularly, then you will likely be more energized, confident, and positive, leading to more reliability in the sack.

Also, exercise will help reduce any unnecessary fat your body may be storing. Obesity is one of the more common causes of low testosterone due to the fat cells containing more aromataste–the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. That means the more fat a male has in his body, the higher chances of weight gain in unnecessary areas and hormonal imbalances in men.

So before considering dishing out your next paycheck for a stockpile of Viagra, consider investing that money into a gym membership instead.

#2) Eliminate Stress

Stress can be a huge distraction from a lot of things in life, and unfortunately among those things, sex is one of the major culprits. Low testosterone can be a result of stress, as your adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones are all affected by this. A stress induced occurrence called the ‘cortisol steal’ can lead to a hormone imbalance where the output of testosterone is lessened in favor if this cortisol. And on top of this, like excess body fat, stress also heightens the output of aromataste and 5 alpha reductase.

These are two enzymes that have the effect of breaking down testosterone.

Eliminating stress may be easier said than done, but if you take the time and energy out of your day to breathe and reflect on the causes of your stress, and make your best effort to accept whatever is occurring or eliminate it, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the bedroom results.

#3) Get More Sleep

It shouldn’t be surprising that lack of sleep is on the list for causes of impotency, as this is often times the result of any negative effects that may be impeding your life such as sluggishness, tiredness, inability to focus.

A study indicated that after one week of five hours of sleep every night, testosterone leaves dropped 10-15%. That may seem like a rather small number, but if you compound that 10% with all the other things in life that may be hindering your libido, then even that small amount of testosterone lost can turn a potentially magical night of lust and romance, into one of the ugliest memories of your life.

#4) Take Your Vitamins

Continuously being reminded to take your vitamins throughout the day may have been a pain when you were a child, but there was a reason mom and dad enforced this rule upon you: so you can grow up and have a life filled with sex and testosterone! Okay, may be their intentions were a bit less thoughtful, but even a common parent is innately cognizant of the positive effects of getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

And just because you’re an adult now, and your parent has stopped nagging you about taking your giant horse pills, doesn’t mean you have to stop.

Vitamins A, E and D and different minerals such as zinc and iron can be essential for androgen production and testicular function. Also, fish oil tends to lower the chances of inflammation–which lowers testosterone–and supports the production and output of healthy cholesterol, a key building block in testosterone.

Fish oil is also important because it lowers a sex hormone constricting element called globulin. And if you find yourself missing this or any crucial nutrients in your diet, then pay a trip to your local drug store and speak with a pharmacist about what you need.

Are you among the unlucky bunch who has found yourself in an awkward situation bed due to your low sex drive? You may not want to give us the details of your misfortuned, but if you managed to overcome them, then tell us how you did in the comments section below!