3 Things You Should Be Posting On Twitter To Grow Your Client Base

Image by: Eric Fischer
By Victor Averin

Can you quickly recite the last post that you tweeted in your mind? Chances are slim. Same goes for anyone that read your tweet. There are currently over 200 million twitter users (check out the image above of twitter locations).

The reality is that out of the millions of readers a large group will contain a potential client, a prospective business partner, or someone looking to purchase your products because those are the types of people who you follow right? And hopefully they should be returning the follow gesture out of social media courtesy.

So now you have this large community of followers and everyone tweeting about everything. By now you should consider everyone reading your tweets to be a potential client; in fact consider all the people in the world as potential clients or customers. How can you grab their attention and market your business to grow your client base?

An Interesting Blurb

Coffee Groundz is a coffee shop that started in 2007. They posted local ads, used the radio, and many other methods to try and increase sales. None of which created an impact on coffee shop enthusiasts to the extent they wanted. In 2008 they decided to use twitter to reach out to coffee consumers personally. They interacted with people informally then started to receive numerous tweets for breakfast wraps and coffees to-go the very first day!

Here’s how a to-go order went down after Coffee Groundz posted an interesting blurb about what wraps should be like:

maslowbeer @coffeegroundz I want to pre order a bkfast wrap so I can zip thru to get back for gas man. c’est possible?

coffeegroundz (Cohen): @maslowbeer Oui. What do you want on it?

The results of reaching out informally were profound, and Coffee Groundz is now a popular tech-savvy location to drink coffee and eat a breakfast wrap. They grew a 10% increase in sales from June 2008 to October 2008 just from starting a twitter account. In five months they’re followers grew from 0 to 5,500!

Helpful Messages or Links

In 2008, Frank Eliason, the director of Comcast Digital Care, wanted to increase Comcast’s customer service care. He wanted a better way to listen and help customers with their service outages, tracking, and billing issues. This led him to twitter. He searched twitter looking to help any Comcast customer that needed it. Sometimes he provided an email, or even fixed the issue with 140 characters. He tweeted simple helpful messages like:

Hi, this is Frank from Comcast. How can I help?

When customers heard that Frank was helping others instantly and through the power of tweeting, the number of his followers grew an extra 18,500!

Through 2009, Comcast has handled more than 21,000 customers and is considered to have one of the best customer care services in social media and the web thanks to Frank’s helpful messages on twitter.

Exclusive Offers, Discounts, or Prizes

Souplantation, owned by Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. in San Diego, offer made-from-scratch soups and salads. They started a twitter campaign with exclusive offers, prizes and trivia to consumers.

Here is one tweet interaction from Souplantation:

and first person to tweet @souplantation with a bit of lemon trivia gets a free meal pass! GO!

Winner! RT: @llama5492 The Lemon Originated in China Please DM your mailing address for your free meal pass. Boy is lemon trivia fun!

They also used twitter for pdf coupons and helped others save money by promoting same day events:

Dine on 4/15 @Souplantation PointLoma from 4-6pm: be entered to win 20 meals. Extra entries for each friend you bring. C U on the patio!

The result was an increase in store traffic, and in 2009 they went from 200 followers in early January to more than 2,700 in May. In truth many followers look for discounts and ways to save money. Tweeting money savers, and trivia prizes is a great method to appeal to customers and grow your client base.