3 Steps To A Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

Image by: David Shankbone
By Kurt Garrity

Let’s face it – practically everyone in America wants a flatter stomach. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. We envy those men who, when they take their shirt off in public, elicit audible Channing Tatum-style gasps from the onlookers. It’s almost enough to make you want to work-out. Almost.

While the ladies melt like butter at the sight of washboard stomachs … the guys think, ‘damn, that takes a lot of work’ before wolfing down the remainder of that Bloomin’ Onion. ‘What would a guy be doing taking off his shirt at an Outback Steakhouse,’ you ask? Don’t change the subject, buddy.

This isn’t about Channing Tatum or the dress codes of Aussie-themed eateries – this is about you, and the fact that if you were a woman, random people would come up to you to ask when the baby is due. You’ve been changing this subject for years and now look at you.

You certainly aren’t winning any prizes at the fictional 2013 Six-Pack Abs Winter Nationals with that gut. Besides, you can’t suck that thing in forever. OK, enough of the insults-as-motivation, let’s get to work.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to at least look better than you do now. In fact, there are three things that you can do that will give you a flatter stomach, turning those sight gags into sight gasps.

1 – Portion Control

Do you really need to eat all of that food, fella? I know it is satisfying as hell, but you’ve been satisfying those same urges for 20 years and look where that has gotten you. Besides, it is not the size of your plate that matters, guys.

2 – High-Protein Snack

Nutritionists say that if you eat a high-protein between-meal snack at, say, 3:30 p.m., you will give your metabolism a kick in the right direction, burning off some of that flotation device you call a waist.

3 – Don’t Eat Sugar

It’s simple – stay off the sweets. And I don’t mean just back off a bit, I mean cut them out completely and your system will respond kindly. The resulting high levels of the hormone glucagon will attack those fat cells – you know, the ones that wiggle when you brush your teeth.