3 Creative Ways iTunes Radio Will Bring You More Customers

Image by: Michael Randall
By Michael Sterling

This month Apple released iTunes Radio and already it’s taking over the entire Internet Radio industry in the country. Celebrities like Brittney Spears and Miley Cyrus are raving about the service via Twitter, creating a tidal wave of new users who have said their goodbyes to Pandora, and taken up shop with Apple.

Apple’s 545 million worldwide users each have a credit card on file and are much easier to reach now. So how can you, as a business owner, take advantage of this? The answer is within hand’s reach.

If I were an advertiser in 2014, the one place I would want to be is Apple. According to a study by GroupM Next, 34% of Internet radio users would switch from their current service on Apple’s brand name alone. Because Apple users are required to include iTunes for music purchases, the radio service is going to keep all of its products within the family.

#1) Podcast/iTunes Store Integration

One snazzy tool that Apple equipped in iTunes Radio is the “push to buy” option. A purchase button appears next to every song played on the service in an attempt to get them to buy it, however, ads are also interactive. Appearing once every 15 minutes, the user can click on your ad and get sent directly to your service.

But why not play them at their own game? The reason why they’ve created this option is to make it more integrated with the iTunes Store. If you have build yourself a nice podcast series for your business and upload it to the iTunes Store, your advertisement can send users directly to the store, making it easier for them be connected with you.

This tactic will make Apple very happy since they get a small percentage of everything purchased from the store, plus it allows you to create an innovative marketing strategy featuring you and your statement of purpose before flashy colors and other marketing tools.

*Tip: Pitch the ad as if your podcast were a radio show: uplifting, engaging, and full of energy. If you get the user wanting to listen to more than mere 30 seconds, you will get their service in no time. 

#2) Stations Play To Your Niche Market 

Apple has been hiring specialists to create unique genres that curate to distinct types of stations, like “The LA: Rock Scene: ‘60s and ‘70s” and “3 of a Kind: James Blake, Rhye and Disclosure.”

Not only are these much more specific than generic stations, like “Rock” or “Jazz,” but they will always bring a certain kind of market which, as an advertiser, brings more leverage for consumer outreach.

If your business caters to a certain age group or to a specific geographic region, your advertisement can easily be displayed within particular playlists likely to welcome listeners within that market. A good tactic is to implement your analytic software for easier comparison in geography and age.

#3) Integrate iTunes Radio To Your Website

Sounds can either spark interest on your website or will turn a user completely off. Currently there are plenty of sites that implement an audio track with seemingly “cool” or “evocative” sounds, but really it’s flat out annoying.

When a user hears a song they enjoy, chances are, they’ll stay on the page even if they don’t bother clicking through the site. If you keep iTunes Radio as an icon on certain pages, not only will you increase a chance of viewers to stay engaged, but you might lower your bounce rate as well.

The greatest part about is that you never know which song is going to appear since it’s a random playlist, but if you creatively merge the image of your brand with one of the unique genres that Apple is creating currently, iTunes Radio might give you the boost your business needs.