25 Years After His Heroic Act, This Officer Finally Meets the Baby He Saved So Long Ago

By Jack Day

Even though the story starts out with a baby in a dumpster, it ends in the best way possible. The year was 1989 and officer Michael Buelna was on the job when he heard what he thought was a cat meowing in a nearby ally. Upon further investigation, he found a 4 hour old baby, umbilical cord still attached, discarded like trash in a dumpster.

Buelna gave the baby a little breath and he squirmed to life. Later he tried to adopt the baby he named Adam, but another couple Elizabeth Barton and Daniel Fernandez were the lucky recipients of the miracle baby whom they named Robin.

Recently Buelna was reunited with Robin in what he described as a, “very, very, very, emotional meeting.” When asked about his biological mother, Robin says he is searching for her and wants her to know he forgives her and does not blame her for her actions. I guess the heroic compassion of the officer rubbed off on Robin after all.

What do you think of this miracle baby tale? Would you be able to forgive a person for something like this? Please share your comments and experiences.