007 Reasons Why You Should Still Use AdWords

Image by: Stuart Crawford
By Gordon J. Pruitt

Google AdWords has been with us since 2000. Gosh, has it been that long? Damn near a baker’s dozen years later, the search engine’s online ad system has gone from zero sales to tens of billions of dollars of sales per year, where it currently stands ($36 billion in 2011). It remains Google’s biggest money-maker. They actually bring in more ad revenue than the combined ad revs of all of the newspapers in the United States.

Forget about Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce – these guys are the real mad men.

But for many, Adwords has already jumped the shark. Grumbling Internet marketers frequently cite the service’s creeping fees and the omnipresent, god-like stature of Google as reasons to use the service only when they have to. Meaning, they are sampling one of the many upstart competitors that have challenged Google in terms of price and innovation, yet still turn to the Big G like a warm blanket.

Then there are others who have sworn off AdWords all together, choosing to only use non-Google advertising services to keep their money from reaching the search giant’s bursting coffers. They have actually been bold enough to use the powerful n-word to describe the finality of their decision to forgo using one of the greatest commercial communication tools ever to be unleashed on our planet.

When it comes to Google, never say “never” my friends. (What n-word were you thinking of?)

Words …  AdWords

And if you have said “never’ already there is still a chance for you to reel it in. One of the world’s most beloved actors has laid the groundwork, Miss Moneypenny. See, back in 1971, Sean Connery famously said he would never do another James Bond flick. It was an important “never” milestone in our culture. The gauntlet had been thrown down by the tough-as-nails Scot. Game over.

Yet, there he was, a mere 12 years later, starring as 007 opposite Kim Basinger in the appropriately titled Never Say Never Again.

The point of all of that? Be Sean Connery. Get reacquainted with Words … AdWords. Why? Here are 4 good reasons:

1 – Flip The Script

Google AdWords is always innovating and reaching out to the tech savvy among you. Their latest endeavor – Adwords Scripts – continues that trend. Through this new Developer’s Tool, if you know a thing or two about coding Javascript, you can now fine-tune your AdWords keywords and ad buy amounts to the nth degree. We’re talking huge potential savings for those who don’t mind a cold cup of Java coding in the morning.

2 – Remarketing

The AdWords remarketing tool has proven to be quite effective and it is a favorite among heavy users as it allows for a reconnection to previous shoppers for specific products via ads as they browse the web. You already fought hard to get them to your site once, why not use that familiarity to your advantage?

In fact, it is believed by many that if you use all of Google’s tweaking tools, you can make AdWords more efficient and a better return on your investment than their competitors. (Share your stories below.)

3 – Improve Your Google-ness

Many have concluded that by pairing buys on AdWords and rock-solid SEO, your Google rankings are positively charged. So that Google AdWords buy actually pays dividends in other areas, such as improving your SEO ranking without jacking up your SEO budget (or lack thereof).

4 – Proven Success

Google AdWords has been a very successful ad platform for millions. It is trusted, time-tested and backed by one of the biggest companies in the world. Again, it is how they make most of their money. Google has 36 billion reasons a year to make it a very good product.